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Motel Betty

Motel Betty

#Haunted, #Horror, #16+, #120mins, #liveActor, #FearFilledEscape









#7 7501 Woodbine Ave, Markham

The long drive has taken the last ounce of energy out of your group. Your car slowly rolls up to the run-down driveway. If it wasn’t for the large red neon sign that reads Motel Betty, you would have missed it in the thunderstorm. Your group makes your way inside, only to find an empty front desk with a keycard that reads "011." Tired and not wanting to look for somewhere else to spend the night, you grab the keycard and head through the dark corridor. Little do you know, this will be a night filled with horror and insanity.

WARNING: 16+ only. This experience involves confined spaces, loud sounds, and bright flashing lights which may not be suitable for individuals with claustrophobia, photosensitivity, epilepsy, pregnancy, heart, or other serious medical conditions. ​Omescape Canada reserves the right to deny entry to anyone under the age of 16.
Please be aware that this escape room incorporates themes related to séances and occults, which could be sensitive to certain religious beliefs.

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