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Escape Game 

Frequenty asked  questions 



Q: Why Omventure?


A: Omventure Canada is the largest immersive escape room & and adventure company in Ontario, Canada. Omventure offers 60-120 minutes of the most advanced escape game experience in 2 convenient locations with a total of 24,000 sq/ft space, combining dazzling details with high-tech engineering. In addition to the fun game experience, folks can sit back and enjoy over a hundred board games in-house while enjoying our fine selection of premium handcraft drinks at our Markham location, or attempt Epic Runner, something entirely different and sporty over at the Scarborough location! Whether you are active or passive, Omventure Canada has something for everyone!



Q: Do you offer a birthday discount?

A: Yes, the birthday person will receive a 20% off discount.  -/+ 7 days of his/her birthday. ID is required at check-in.


Q: Is it safe to play? Can I exit the room during the game?


A: Your safety is our top priority!  All of our games are designed with separate entrances and exits. The entrance will be kept unlocked at all times. You may exit the room at any point in the game. Crawling is required in some games. It is not recommended for those with heart conditions, anxiety disorders, pregnancy, and other physical disabilities to participate.


Q: What is the appropriate age for the game?


A: Our escape games are designed for adults over the age of 16 (Except Nyctophobia & Motel Betty**). Adult participation will be required if your party includes participants who are the age 13 or younger (adult participants must be the age of 18 or older and/or subject to admission charge). Participants under the age of 16 will need a guardian/parent’s signature on a waiver form in order to play the game.

Free admission to the venue for children under 6.

**Participants of the Nyctophobia game must be the age of 18 or older. Motel Betty is not recommended for young audiences.**



Q.  What should I wear?


A: Casual, comfortable clothing is highly recommended. High heels and short skirts, for example, should be avoided.  




Q.  How physical is the game?


A: Our Escape missions do not require engaging in any strenuous physical activity such as running or heavy lifting. However, some of the missions will require passing through tight spaces by crawling or going on steps.  




Q: Where can I put my belongings?


A: Lockers will be provided before the game.




Q: What if we are stuck during a game and run out of ideas?


A: Our games are indeed very challenging! You are encouraged to ask us for hints when needed using the walkie-talkies provided. However, if you do not ask for any hints and escape within your time limit, you become an Elite Escaper. 




Q: What is "Elite Escapers"? 

A: Elite Escapers are players who do not use any hints during their escape room and escape within their time limit. You will get to hold a special sign when taking a photo! 




Q:  What are the minimum and maximum sizes of my group?


A: We have a minimum and a maximum number of players based on the selected escape room, ranging 3 to 10 players. You may refer to the game information page for details.  




Q:  What is the Social Media Check-In discount?


A: The optional social media check-in discount allows escapers to save an additional $3 off per person. All you need to do is bring a device that allows you access to social media (ie. Facebook & Instagram), check-in, and show it to us before you pay. Our staff will help you out!


Q:  Will our reservation be grouped with others?
A: No. For the best experience, all reservations are private. Visit our Games section for the number of players required for your escape room. 


Q: Is it possible to host a team-building/private event at Omventure?


A. Of course! Our venue is the perfect place to host your next event. Our expertise in organizing events and excellent customer service make us your best choice for hosting any type of event! Whether it’s an award ceremony, a holiday party, a team building, and networking event, or even a marketing or incentive program, our huge facility can provide you with full private accommodations and of course a fantastic time! Please contact us at for more details.



Q: Do you accept walk-ins?


A: We do, but we encourage our customers to make an advance reservation to secure the desired game and time slot. Our board games and cafe do not require a reservation.  




Q: How long can I play for?


A: We have different escape missions ranging from 60-120 minutes to choose from. We do not set a time limit for board games (within our business hours). We recommended visitors take advantage of our combo package (escape game + 1 free drink + board games) for the biggest savings.




Q: Can I take photos or videos in the escape room? 


A: No photos and videos are allowed. Cameras/Cellphones are not allowed in the room. Lockers will be provided for your personal belongings.  




Q: I am prompted to pay with PayPal for a deposit. Can I pay using a Debit or Credit card?


A: Yes. Our payment portal will direct you to PayPal, but you DO NOT need a PayPal account. Once you click on the PayPal button, it will direct you to the PayPal login page. There will be a grey button below the login that will allow you to enter your Debit or Credit card without signing up for an account.


Q: Are booking deposits refundable?


A: No. All sales are final. However, we may reschedule your booking once if contacted at least 24 hours prior to the reservation.



Q: Can we bring in outside food to cater in-house?

A: We can help you to arrange any catering needs. Please contact for a special event arrangement.  Birthday cakes can be brought in without charge. 


Q: How do I redeem my gift voucher?


A: Our gift vouchers can be redeemed in stores. Simply print out the gift voucher OR present a digital copy of it to us, when you arrive for your booking. *Only vouchers containing our unique code will be valid*


Q: Do I still need to make a reservation and pay a deposit when using my gift voucher?


A: Yes. If you have a gift voucher and would like to make a reservation, please follow our regular booking procedure by using the “Book Now” section on our website. A $25 deposit will still be charged in order to secure your room, but it will be refunded to you when you present your voucher in-store. However, if your group has already made a reservation, all you have to do is present your voucher when you arrive at your room and you will be covered.



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